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When we left off, I was heading for Panama and Colombia last December. Flying into Panama City, Rob Edson and I took an overnight cruise ship ("the Darien Bridge") to Cartagena where we spent a week. The huge Spanish fortress, largest outside of Europe, was worth a day. Wandering around in the old walled city, it was interesting to remember the stories of Drake capturing the city. Good scuba diving and great tropical blue water in the Islas Rosarios was a treat A first-time experience for us was taking a MUD VOLCANO bath at a place one hour outside Cartagena. The sounds of VALLENATO music at night lasted until dawn; one strange thing is Colombians don't like spicy hot food! For some reason our cruise ship decided to depart from Baranquilla (instead of Cartagena as scheduled), so we were bussed two hours away. The ship departed many hours late, but the trip down the Magdalena river to the ocean at night was interesting. Later that night, one engine broke down, so we limped back into Colon (=Columbus) City, Panama more than a day late.


December 12: Rob Edson, Fernando Dubove, and I fly to Panama City.


The next day we bought tickets for the then "Crucero Express" overnight cruise ship to Cartagena, Colombia.

At the last minute Fernando changes his mind; returns his ticket, and takes a plane to the San Blas islands.











































There was scuba diving in the nearby Islas de Rosarias,




















































Castillo de Filipe Barajas























Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday