Geneva -Tienjin - Angkor Wat - Phnom Penh - Seoul



Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday





Heading East, the first stop was a geophysical conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The delegates went on a dinner cruise one evening.



I had a good visit with my friend

Brian Spies,

I worked with him

in Australia 20 years ago.




Sunset on Lake Geneve







Then I flew from Switzerland to Tienjin, China for customer training.



TienAnMen Square in Beijing

had a giant clock

counting down the remaining days, minutes, and milliseconds before Hong Kong became part of China once again.




More customer discussions in the Beijing Office.

The chinese smoke more than any other country I have visited. I needed a new pair of contacts after each visit there!



Emperor's Ancient Astronomical Observatory

in the center of Beijing













I flew from Beijing via Bangkok to Cambodia.

My interest to visit Angkor Wat was sparked by traveler who visited in 1996 without incident. For 20 years my Asia travel plans avoided Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge in charge.

For 4 nights I stayed in Siem Riap, the nearest city to the Angkor temples.

I visited the temples each day by motorcycle or taxi. The temple complex is huge!
















Bayon Party Scene


























































A very fast and exciting boat ride down the Tonle Sap river to Phnom Penh.

The local theory was that the faster boat could avoid gunfire ambush from the shore more easily! The boats also leave at dawn on the theory that the soldiers were still hugnover from last nights drinking.







This military man was on the boat with us.

When we reached a major river junction, he climbed aboard a patrol boat in the river.


The patrol boat had a good looking set of guns,

with beer cans over the open end

to prevent rain from getting down the barrel!









Everything seemed calm and quiet in Phnomh Penh.














A few days after I left, mortar shells were flying.

The airport was closed for weeks, and all foreigners went into hiding at the one 5-star hotel.

An emergency evacuation was eventually organized by the Australian Air Force!




















After Cambodia I stopped in Korea

for more customer training.

The beef bulgoki was great!



The final stop in Utah allowed me to

visit my sister and the

rabbits she was raising!







I then received crawfishing training from Bill Petrick and John Stodt.

A full day of buying fish licenses and motoring around one of Utah's high mountain lakes yielded three gigantic catches measuring over 70 millimeters!






Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday