Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday



I had a surprise when somebody smashed my car window when parked downtown.

Nothing was taken, though.....



Friends visiting





Canoe trip on the

Upper Guadeloupe River in Central Texas









Line it up...



and FLIP





In September I started a few home projects.

I moved my office back upstairs,

painted the downstairs bedroom bright white with black trim,

and put in a King-size bed.


Debra and a friend helped me with this project.



Then another canoeing day

on the Guadeloupe river


Another fun evening

at Neely's canyon




Passing through Oregon after a trip to Asia,

I visited with Grandma Kemmerich,

cousin Nicole,

Aunt Betty, and Uncle Noel.






Mom and Dad came down from Oregon for a visit.

We had a good time in San Antonio, visiting the Alamo.


at one of the famous missions,

there was a

Sunday Mariachi mass

and handicrafts fair.





Unusually cold weather caused us to cancel the Texas Coast visit we in mind.

Instead we visited the History of Texas Cultures museum, which had a special program of native dancing.

Dad was a good sport and danced along when invited!



Back in Austin, friends came for dinner and met my parents.


Mom cooked a great

pre-Thanksgiving Turkey.

But she kept saying:

....this is my vacation?







Diana prepared after-dinner coffee Italian-style.

She used an unusual carved wooden bowl

with eight drinking spouts around the rim.


The bowl is filled with coffee and Grappa,

an Italian liquer.






Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday