Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday



In mid-October, Rob Edson and I went on a

85-mile canoe trip on the

"Lower Canyons" section of the Rio Grande river.


This is a designated "Wild and Scenic" river,

and lived up to the name.



The Rio Grande was low and muddy.




First Night Campsite








River Vista








Warm Springs Camp:

The favorite campsite on the trip; a commercial group was there when we arrived. They continued downriver the next morning.



We stayed two nights to enjoy soaking in the beautifully clear warm springs.

Rob demonstrates tequila-drinking technique.













We portaged around this rapid in the morning after camping overnight.









We reloaded the canoe below the rapid.






Still Water Reflection







Shlallow section in the afternoon shadows.






We had to stand up and pull the canoe through shallow rocky patches.





Three times we portaged a rapid that we were not comfortable to run.

The rapids were not especially difficult, but the remoteness of this river

made us more cautious than otherwise.

We completely unload the canoe,

carry all boxes and gear around the rapids,

and walk the empty canoe through deep rocky channels.





A big wave swamps the canoe;

we pull over and bail out.








The take-out is on a private ranch.

Rob's truck was shuttled there the day before, and waiting as promised.

I opened this bottle of Chinese River Beer from the Mekhong trip 6 months earlier.


Another river logistics achievement:

preservation of enough ice from Austin (10 days before!)

to prepare margaritas at the take-out!









Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday