Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday




In January, I went to St. Louis to visit a government gravity-meter customer.

( the same map agency that indicated the Belgrade Chinese Embassy location ).


I visited the famous arch along the Mississippi Riverfront.

Afternoon light reflected strangely off the polished steel plates.

From the top of the arch, you can see two Mississippi-river boat-casinos.


They have strange regulations, each gambling "cruise" departs only once every two hours.

The boat does not move, but you cannot enter until the next "cruise" starts!

You can walk right off the boat at anytime, however!

The casino-boat on the far side of the river does let itself out about 50 yards into the river by steel cable, unless the Captain decides the weather is too rough.....




Debra stops by to show off her new doggie, i.e. on the left.

That's Angie on the right.






Katherine's Birthday party


Ari and Katherine


Diana, Jack, Mark, Rick






Spring Martini - Croquet Party


Rick and Terrence

discussing the rules again



Glenn says hello






Croquet Players



Ari wins!

Mike Mood presents the traditional

Martini-glass full of confetti.









I brought back two long plastic runners from Panama.

We hung these from the ceiling,

along with a plastic globe on a string,

to make it a "World" music dance party.










Jack not only provided a keg of beer, but took charge of champagne distribution!


After Rick's attempt,

Maria wants to try it too!

Happy Birthday!








In April, new owners were preparing to purchase LaCoste and Romberg.

John Fett, the owner I had worked with for 8 years, was ready to retire to his new home at Lake Tahoe.


Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday