Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday


I August I attended a geophysical conference in Rio de Janeiro to keep my business contacts there alive.

I enjoyed answering gravity meter questions, but had to explain that I was no longer working for the gravity meter company, and was paying my own way now.


Thanks to Mauro de Sousa, I had an interesting visit to the National Observatory.


I again visited cousin Marcelo, who I first met last year.

He lives in Niteroi, across the bay from downtown Rio.

We had an interesting day visiting his medical school and the unusual "spaceship" museum in Niteroi bay.

There was a fine exhibition of photos from the Cuban revolution. Castro is widely admired in Brazil, it seems.



I then started a large circuit of Northern Brazil, flying first to the far west town of Rio Branco, near the Bolivia/Peru border.


Next was Manaus, famous capitol of the Amazon and rubber center of the last century.


Next stop was Santarem, also on the Amazon, with one of the nicest river beaches in Brazil at the village of Alter do Chao.






Especially unique was a very well done private museum of Indian artifacts.















Continuing east to the mouth of the Amazon at Belem, I enjoyed the great riverside market and visited a friend at the University of Para.

The Belem opera house is perhaps more magnificent than the famous one in Manaus.



A two-day trip by bus/boat/donkey cart to Algodoal national park came next.

Algodoal is an offshore island famous for beautiful sand dunes and no cars.







Next stop was Sao Luis, famous in Brazil for the restored architecture and a touch of French culture from colonial days.



Very worthwhile was a day trip by sailboat from Sao Luis to Alcantara.

There is a largely unused missile launching site, and Alcantara is

most famous for the earliest buildings in Brazil, many in ruins.










Continuing on to Salvador, I visited friends from my carnival trip six months earlier.

I checked out bands and hotels for carnival 2000.






Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday