Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday



This is the view of the reefs off San Andres Island.

I arrived here from Barranquilla, a one-way flight was $80.

My goal was to try to find a way to cross directly to Nicaragua,

preferably to the Corn Islands where I had been two months before.





The Main Beach ion San Andres city.

From here tourists catch watertaxis over to Johnny Cay







Brightly-colored hotel







This is the Hotel Delfines where I stayed for 4 nights.

My own poolside room with A/C, cable TV, breakfast, and dinner was $15 per night.





Fish Lunch at the Fishermans restaurant out by the airport.






Main Beach at Johhny Cay





Walking around Johhny Cay








Sunbathing on Johnny Cay




Its the Carribbean,

so the Colombian Girls put beads in their hair





Climbing for Coconuts







Shore on Johnny Cay








Interior Coconut Grove of Johnny Cay





This boat would take me to Corn Island but

they wanted $2,000 and would have to go at night,

since the crossing was prohibited.





Colombian girls on vacation

dress up like they are in Hawaii







Rocky West coast of San Andres Island




Morgan's Cave,

where no treasure was ever reported .....








Old English Cannon






La Hoya del Splendor is a natural blowhole in the reef at the south end of the island.

Under certain tide and wave conditions it spews water out the opening.













Text and Photos Copyright ©2001 Mark E. Halliday