Zapatourist - Return to Chiapas

Thanksgiving week , 2002


Text and Photos Copyright ©2003 Mark E. Halliday


I took my first vacation (since starting work) during Thanksgiving Week.

The amazing fequent flyer deal on Aeromar was still in place, and I booked a flight to San Cristobal de las Casas.

(10,000 UA miles RT from San Antonio to any place in Mexico)

I hadn't seen Chiapas since 1982, when Laura and I took the jeep there. I remembered San Cristobal as an interesting town.

A new road up the Usamacinta River from Palenque allowed access to Yaxchilan and Bonampak.


Palenque town, where I booked a day tour to

Yaxchilan/Bonampak for 5 AM the next morning


Pick up at hotel, then 1 hour down the road to a breakfast stop.






End of the road,

backpackers pass through here every day to/from Tikal





Usamacinta River






Yaxchilan Tunnels
















Ceiba Tree and Eco-lodge

















Bonampak Stelae in the rain.








Bonampak Airstrip















Budget hotels at the entrance to Archeological zone.





Marcos Dolls














Na Balom

















San Cristobal Churches










Pico Orizaba, highest in Mexico.









Text and Photos Copyright ©2003 Mark E. Halliday