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Mark, man, what a great web page! And I thought you were just sittin round sippin beer the whole time! Would love to link your site to mine, if that´s okay.

----- Grant at Casa Iguana, Little Corn Island


Thanks for your mail. And I love your web page. I think you captured Little Corn as I remember it. Apart from the occasional gringos marching aimlessly up and down the beach on full moon nights. Tonia and I took your advice, scrapped Panama and changed our flights to Locombia. Spent 2 weeks in crazy Cartagena and the rest of our time in a fishing village next to Santa Marta called Bahia Taganga.

----- Alex Tagouroulas, Australia


Why don't you try staying in the USA? What is going on with you and the CIA? I know that you work for them. Hope everything is going OK. Are you still single as I am?

----- Bob Kaithern, ex-neighbor


Your pictures were beautiful and the accompanying stories enlightening. However, looking at the pictures gave me a migraine headache, literally! I have never had one of these before, so I went to the doctor to see what was up with me. He said that sometimes the light from the computer can trigger one of these things and he prescribed some Naproxen (which I will not take because it will make me vomit even more!). I feel better now but I think I will stay away from your webpage -- it really packs a punch!

----- Steve_V at the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree.


Mark Halliday, you've really done it. Your photoessay on the Rio Coco run had me swooooning! Literally, heartsick that I am not out in the field, but within four walls in New York City. I am proud of you. Your trip and project were a success. More good luck should come your way. You captured Miskito life very poignantly; your captions were progressively more exciting (as a river will be), and put yourself in the frame. My pulse quickened as you passed through Jinotega, because I was there. Remember? I'm the one who lived in Matagalpa for six months.

----- Michelle Sydney


I'm extremely jealous! But thanks for doing so much work so that others can take advantage of your experiences!

-----Richard Tuck, Managua


I'm pretty much convinced now that you either work for the CIA or that a very rich Uncle died some while ago.

----- Grant at Casa Iguana


Mark, I read your entry about the last trip to Nicaragua. (Probably old by now) But still good. I wanted to email you an article from the Nature Conservacy on the decline of large lobsters at Bocas Del Toro. They blame fisherman selling undersize lobsters to tourists to eat at local restaurants. Don't worry, you and Rob were not mentioned by name. If you look at the pictures closely, my face is obviously one of disgust and has "I eat this lobster in protest" written all over it

----- Fernando "El Abogado"